Bruce Springsteen Claims a Place in the Blogosphere

    The Boss may have become a cultural icon by rhapsodizing about summers in your buddy’s abandoned beach house, but he’s decided to momentarily leave the glory days that never knew cable modems and contribute to the global blogging community. A visit to Bruce’s official website will reveal a four volume web journal that Springsteen wrote during and immediately after headlining the Super Bowl halftime show this past Sunday. In it, Springsteen reveals the reasons combat boots are the best choice for rock star theatrics, comments on the chance to play in front of a massive and diverse audience, and further proves the theory of relativity.

    “By 3 am,” he writes, “I am back home, everyone in the house is fast asleep and tucked in bed. I am sitting in the yard over an open fire, staring up again into that black night sky, my ears still ringing… ‘Oh yeah, it’s alright.’”

    He sounds like a charming guy – who knew, right? The journal also includes a photo album with captions presumably added by The Boss himself, and they’re all good for a chuckle. [Idolator]