Brooklyn’s Ski Lodge Drops New Single “Just To Be Like You” (Stream)

    Brooklyn’s Ski Lodge, although on the forefront of the Brooklyn scene is still one of the hidden gems in the ocean of bands perpetuating the region. Their jangly brand of indie pop is so infectious that you’d find yourself two stepping without regard. In their new single “Just To Be Like You” lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Mar croons in such a way that he’d have your heart fluttering and skipping steps while you dance. And along with the ringing guitar lines, bouncing bass and upbeat percussion, they’ve concocted the perfect formula for a fantastic indie pop single.

    Their new single “Just To Be Like You” will be released on their new album of the same title, Just To Be Like You. It will be released on April 16, 2013 via Dovecote Records.

    Stream the catch tune below: