Brooklyn Borough President Raps With GZA

    Those familiar with borough president Marty Markowitz will likely not be surprised by the fact that he recently rapped with Wu-Tang Clan member GZA. The two appeared together at Brooklyn Borough Hall yesterday to co-announce the lineup for the 2012 Northside Festival. In true Markowitz fashion, the borough president kicked-off the announcement with a ridiculous gimmick or in his words, “my take on the first verse” of GZA’s “Liquid Swords.”

    Then he busted this out:

    “Through cyclones or typhoons, I represent Brooklyn from midnight to high noon. I don’t waste ink, I think, I drop ‘fuggedaboutits’ faster than you blink.”

    For those unfamiliar, Northside Festival is an eight day festival of music, film and entrepreneurial speakers with successful startup businesses. The festival this year is headlined by GZA.

    As for GZA, he went on to say that while most people associate Wu-Tang with Staten Island, he actually is a native of Brooklyn. When asked if GZA would consider adopting Markowitz into the Clan, GZA quickly answered: “Marty Wu.” GZA went on to say that after Markowitz’s performance he is “ready to sign him,” concluding by simply stating, “collabo.”