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Broken Bells Sit Down For Interview On QTV


Ever wanted to see two people squirm as a radio DJ essentially blows them on the air? Watch the above clip where a QTV host gives a breathless introduction of Broken Bells and then makes them answer questions that they give slow, deliberate answers to. Then they talk a little about the Shins (Mercer sort of left them to do something "challenging"), and whether or not they'll do another Broken Bells album (yes). Watch the whole thing above, that is if you're interested in spending 18 minutes hearing about Broken Bells. [A Heart Is A Spade]  


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Broken Bells

Andrew, what would you have done to make a radio interview better? Because, as a radio broadcaster myself, I'm interested to hear how you would have approached this. If you would have taken two minutes to research you would have found that the interviewer's name is Q, thus QTV, and that the interview was going national in Canada, not just to indie elitist know-it-alls. I thought Q painted a great portrait of Broken Bells to all those who probably have no idea who the Shins or Dangermouse are to begin with. I guess you would have just bulled your way through the interview without giving any sort of background or introduction. So come off your high horse and build instead of destroy. I rarely listen to Q, but I have the utmost respect for his skills as an interviewer and presenter, and to read your pompous interpretation of this interview sickens me. But then again, it's much easier to sit behind a keyboard and type negativity with out any risk of facing backlash yourself, isn't it.


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