Broken Bells May Record a Sophomore CD

    Back in early March of this year, James Mercer of the Shins and Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse) came together to form the one-off collaborative project Broken Bells. Their self-titled album proved successful, charting in the U.S. Top 10, and getting critical raves. So now the one-off project may not be so one-off after all, Mercer says.


    “We need to do another record, for sure, because we’ve got these songs we need to put out,” he told Billboard magazine. “We’ve got these songs that aren’t B-side-type stuff, definitely ones we want on a record, and we enjoy this. It’s fun.”


    Mercer added that the pair intend to record a sophomore album, but first he’s going to record a new Shins CD. It should be interesting to hear more Broken Bells, but lightening often doesn’t strike twice with these sort of things. Anyone remember that second Traveling Wilburys album? [New Musical Express]