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Britney Spears Working With Dubstep Producer Rusko On New Album

Dubstep might be poised to finally make a breakthrough on radio: Dubstep producer Rusko has announced he is working on songs for the new Britney Spears album. There's not much news beyond that little tidbit, just that Britney's people approached Rusko, who has worked with Rihanna and T.I., and he agreed to work up some songs. Rusko is probably dubstep's most pop-friendly producer, so this at least has the potential of not going horribly wrong. [Daily Swarm]

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this really isn't anything new. on 2007's 'blackout', brit brit had the song 'freakshow', which had a pretty heavy dubstep beat. it didn't break into the mnstrm then. maybe if joker had produced it lulz

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Remember the Britney Spears James Murphy collaboration? To quote Murphy: “It was very strange —we were both lying on the floor, head-to-head, working on lyrics in a notepad,” says Murphy. “She seemed eager to please, but it went nowhere. She went to dinner and just never came back.”

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rusko is the biggest disgrace to dubstep im embrassed to have him in the genre. no offense but SELL OUT!!!!

max wilkinson

dubstep and commercial just dont mix. whatever comes out of it, biritney spears will hate anyway, its mixing the clean, bright white friendliness of commercial pop with the heavy hitting grimey filth that is dubstep. pop can try and cling on and work with the dubstep vibe but the underground roots of dubstep are just too strong.


i agree with the 2 comments above me. Rusko is a huge sell out doin collabs with gucci mane, brittany spears, TI, Rihanna, WTF. i hate that ppl are trying to make dubstep more radio friendly and mesh dubstep with mainstream crap. dubstep remixes of mainstream songs are really good tho. its just a huge brick-to-face to mainstream music saying screw you guys, we can make that music dirty too lol. Also, for those interested, check my latest dubstep mix. peace out.


The tune will probably sound like $**t anyways. And for the record, Rusko hasn't made anything worth listening to since Cockney Thug. Soundboy is My Target is probably the worst Dubstep song our there.

David Ratowitz

Dubstep fans shouldn't be over suprised that it is going more mainstream. It is the "gate way" genre to electronic music. Dubstep contains the hip-hop basslines so it attracts listeners from all genres. There is nothing to worry about though. There will be sub-genres of dubstep. Grimmy stuff, UK, commercial, all that will be different sub-genres. It doesn't look bad for dubstep at all. Just opens up new ideas for upcoming producers. There will be even heavier sh*t coming out just because of the different tastes in music. Think about the people that haven't experienced a lot of electronic music but now hears a form of it on the radio. It opens their thoughts about all music. Don't hate on other genres just because its not "YOUR" genre. I listen to a little dubstep, but I only listen to electronic. Mostly electro and hardstyle/hard trance. =)

Sinner G

Who the hell cares who makes the music.

Do you like the way it sounds? Isn't that what music is about?
I like a few Britney spears songs, and being male most others say I'm mental.

If the song sounds good, the artist did a good job at the creation.

If the music just sucks, it sucks.
You either like Rusko's Music or you don't. If you don't then who the hell cares, why do you care so much?


Fck U very much, Rusko!!!! What a prick....




yall r just hatin. i think this has potential to be tight


Attention haters: find something more productive and healthy to do with your time. if you dont like it who cares, dont listen to it! Rusko has made a career of something he loves doing, prollie a LOT more than most ppl can say. get a life and stop hating.




when this comes out all i gotta say is..
R.I.P Dubstep... It was good while it lasted


OMG quit bitching, be happy that more people are going to be hearing good music. I think it would be great to hear dubstep in the mainstream.. why not? Cause it won't be 'cool' and cutting edge anymore? Who cares? Gimme more bass!


I hate this. this is terrible. pop is the fakest crap music i've ever heard. rusko, go back to your people...we don't want to hear Britney. we want to hear you. stop killing our scene, (its already dying, but you don't have to make it worse!)


Im a turdchwer.... yes I am.. laa laa laaa!


Rusko is working on an album with Britney Spears??!! What is the world coming to? Going commercial for the money and leaving the fans behind!!! The new generation of kids will grow up to that sh*t and think it's good!! Its the same as Pendulum cheap version of drum@Bass!! Maybe I should just accepted that music evolves to reach a wider group of people. I call these people FAKERS!


ALL THE HATERS: rusko is a great proveyeur in dubstep. you cant keep something like dubstep to yourself. its the future of pop music. I wanna see soccer moms in their minivans getting down to this.


I think it's great that Britney got into dubstep, she obviously likes the genre and wants to be apart of it. To me, it seems like all of you haters are just mad that a mainstream artist likes "your" genre. did you only like it bc it wasn't mainstream? if so, you are just as bad as KISS fm and are just as shallow.


Who cares about mainstream? if music is good..listen to it. rusko is awesome, and i'm personally not a fan of bspears, but hold it against me isn't half bad granted it's about a 1 on the filth scale. the album obv isn't going to be too filthy because the above-ground music listeners aren't exactly ready for it. but seriously listen to good music, don't pay attention to how many other people listen to it. artists should be rewarded for their success, not bashed by their original fans


remixes like this are good, but i cant see anything good coming out with the name briney spears attached to it...


ahhahahahah ,im not suprised really ,THIs POP MUSIC IS TAKING EVERY SINGLE GENRE STEELING IT AND MAKING IT SHI*Y MAINSTREAM ,from this album so called dubstep will be one more GAY FAKE MUSIC,i read a comment i few comments up,.that DUBSTEP IS THE FUTURE OF POP and i laughed as sh* t,i mean ,what is pop music ,,,if you guys dont know il tell you,it means POPULAR,and by this tearm it means music for money or so Called MAINSTREAM,you pop sh*theads first of don't even know what dubstep is ,hahaha,you dont know shi*,i woud love for Britney spears to go back to her trach music ,and stop steeling other sounds ,and styles.and for rusko,hahahaha.i mean ,he is so overrated ,he has like 2 good tunes,and,,,,thats it ,,even if this is going to come out good,IT WILL NEVER BE DUBSTEP,,DEEP BASS MUSIC ,,EMOTIONAL AND DEEP .MUSIC WTF HAPPEND TO YOU,,Why is everything for money and fame,i recomend for people who think this is cool to go and read what dubstep is ,because then you will see, why do listeners of DUBSTEP call rusko a sell out and why do they call borgore a sellout ,,it would have all been cool if they just didnt put the name DUBSTEP,


Britany spears is garbage and rusko is a cvnt.

done and done.


Sell out. more of a reason not to like him...


dubstep is finally dead.
i'm disappointed when something good is ruined by the mass
but that's it.

padre pio

to those of you who think that Rusko is killing the genre and is selling out:
you guys are idiots.
Rusko has been one of the biggest players in the entire dubstep scene and if you think that producing mainstream music with a wobble bass tinge is bad, you're a hipster douche.
"oh wah someone has heard of the music that i listen to DUBSTEP IS DEAD"
you are dumb jesus grow up a little bit.


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