Britney Spears announces new album Circus to be released on her birthday

    The only thing America loves more than a flameout is an apology. But we love a comeback even more than that. Britney Spears has made a living by exploiting all three, and on Dec. 2, she’ll do it again. That’s when Jive/Zomba will release Circus, her sixth studio album.

    As late as Friday, there was speculation that Jive would rush the album’s release in order to capitalize on Britney’s recent publicity bounce. With the announcement of Circus also comes word of "Womanizer," its first single, which will hit radio Sept. 22. "Womanizer" was produced by Atlanta-based production team the Outsyders. Circus will also feature the production work of Bloodshy & Avant, (they brought us "Toxic"), Dr. Luke, Danja, the ubiquitous Max Martin, and Guy Sigsworth.