Brian Wilson To Retire Again, Still Has Stage Fright

    In an interview with London Evening Standard, Brian Wilson, who has toured on and off since his “comeback” in 2004, revealed that he is contemplating retiring again, mostly because he still suffers from the voices in his head and the crippling stage fright that turned him into a ’60s casualty nearly 50 years ago. 

    “As I get older it gets harder for me. But when I’m sitting down at the keyboard and my band’s behind me, I can do it.” When asked if he had contemplated retirement, he replied: “Oh God yes. Another year, maybe. This could be the last time I play here. I’m going to miss it but I’m getting a little bit old for touring.” Wilson has suffered from hearing voices in his head since the Sixties when he also fought drug addiction and depression. He said: “What the voices say is still pretty much the same, negative things, ‘You’re going to die’, or, ‘You better watch out’, life-threatening kinds of things. Performing helps, but I’ll still have the voices there when I’m on stage. They’re always with me.”

    For now, the only dates Wilson has on his docket are some festival dates in the UK later this summer. After that, we might not see him again for a while. [LES]