Brian Wilson Says It “Feels Like We’re Being Fired” From The Beach Boys

    Last week, Mike Love explained in a letter to the Los Angeles Times why he was continuing The Beach Boys without Brian Wilson and Al Jardine. Today, Wilson penned a response to Love also in the Times (via Vulture).

    Expressing disappointment, Wilson wrote that while he and Jardine didn’t necessarily get fired from the band, it did felt like it.

    “While I appreciate the nice cool things Mike said about me in his letter, and I do and always will love him as my cousin and bandmate, at the same time I’m still left wondering why he doesn’t want to continue this great trip we’re on,” Wilson wrote. “Al and I want to keep going because we believe we owe it to the music.

    He also wrote about how much fun it was to tour in support of the band’s 50th anniversary and how he and Jardine wanted to continue. On the heels of a new album and successful tour that saw them add 25 additional dates, one would have guessed that things were going well between The Beach Boys. But like all things with the band, it’s not simple as it often seems.