Is Brian Wilson pursuing George Martin to collaborate?

    Via: Sound Generator
    We’re gonna cop to gossip-mongering before we even really start, because this rumor is almost entirely unsubstantiated, but according to Sound Generator, Brian Wilson wants to convince legendary Beatles producer George Martin to remix Beach Boys songs for an upcoming project. Wilson reportedly saw “Love,” the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil show which features Beatles songs re-worked by Martin and his son Giles, and was so impressed that he’s trying to lure the eighty-one year-old knob-twiddler out of retirement and back into the studio.
    Sure we’ll probably only believe it when hear it, but fingers are crossed that something that really should’ve happened forty years ago (sidenote: George Martin started producing Sgt. Peppper’s at 40!) actually materializes. It’s nice to get amped in a “sounds like a hyperbolic press release dream collab” kind of way every so often.