Brian Jonestown Massacre show erupts into violence

    Anyone who’s seen Dig! knows that Anton Newcombe and the boys from the Brian Jonestown Massacre attract trouble. Last night the band turned up for a show in London, which ended with the band in disarray and the police being called to calm the situation. It’s all part of the job for Newcombe, who has endured many similar incidents with past and present members of the band.

    According to NME, guitarist Frankie Emerson, who has stuck with Newcombe for the last eight years, broke a microphone on stage and was acting erratically throughout the set. A full-blown fight between the band members seems to have ensued after the show, leading to the police intervention. The incident mirrors this inter-band fight during a show by the group at the Viper Room in ’96, which allegedly dampened the interest of several major labels. The clip ends with the memorable line: "fucking broke my sitar, motherfucker!"