Brian Eno Working On 10,000 Year Clock Project

    Brian Eno just released his Drums Between the Bells album on Warp this week, which is a collaborative effort with the poet Rick Holland. As you might expect from Eno, he isn’t going down the usual promo route—in fact, it’s just been revelaed that he’s working on a special 200ft tall clock to be installed within a mountain in Texas.


    The 10,000 Year Clock project has been undertaken by Danny Hillis and Stewart Brand, who landed some funding from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to install a giant timepiece in West Texas. As the name suggests, it will chime from the mountain for 10,000 years, never repeating the same melody twice.


    Eno made an obvious choice as the person to generate those chimes, as his interest in generative art is well known. It’s not clear yet when this monolithic structure will be foisted on the world, but you can check out the 10,000 Year Clock Project website here, where Bezos writes about it as “an icon for long-term thinking.” [via FACT]