Bret Michaels Diagnosed With Hole In His Heart, Situation Slightly Too Serious To Make Extreme Joke

    Poison frontman and reality television star Bret Michaels is back in the hospital after experiencing what his doctors are calling a “warning stroke.” Michaels was admitted to an undisclosed hospital with numbness on the left side of his body, particularly in the face and hands. Upon examination, doctors determined that Michaels is suffering from a patent forum ovale, or hole in his heart. According to Michaels’ publicist, the condition is unrelated to the singer’s previous medical issues and is completely treatable. If this was an isolated incident, I’d probably make a joke about cartoon steam shooting out of Gary Cherone’s ears upon finding out Michaels could sing one of his most famous songs in a totally sincere way. Given what Michaels has experienced in the last month, however, I’ll just mention the possibility. [Yahoo]