Bret McKenzie Will Return To Write Songs For ‘Muppets 2’

    Disney’s upcoming sequel to last year’s hit The Muppets won’t include Jason Segel, but another significant contributor to the first film’s success will be returning.

    According to Collider (via Indiewire), Todd Lieberman has confirmed that Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords, who won an Academy Award for his song-writing on the first film, will be back to write new songs for The Muppets 2. So if you couldn’t stop singing “Man or Muppet” after seeing the movie last year, look forward to humming a few new tunes.

    While screenwriter and star Jason Segel won’t be involved in the sequel, his co-writer Nicholas Stoller will be back, as well as director James Bobin, so there’s not too much to fret about.

    The Muppets was quite a success last year. It received great reviews and made nearly $160 million worldwide. It proved to be a great introduction to Jim Henson’s world for kids, as well as a nostalgic story for adults who grew up with the iconic puppets.

    Filming for the sequel is set to start in January in London. It’s been announced that the film will star Christoph Waltz, and Liberman has revealed that this film might introduce a new muppet.

    The release date is set for Dec. 20, 2013.