Breeders to Self-Release Fate to Fatal EP in April

    Slow down, Kim Deal! It’s only been a year since Mountain Battles came out, and now you’re going to release a new EP? We weren’t going to start pressing you for something new for at least another four years. We know how you work. So this is quite a curve ball you’re tossing our way. Of course, we’re not going to turn new stuff away. Go ahead, knock us out.


    The new Breeders’ EP, called Fate to Fatal, will be out April 21, and Deal has said that the band will self-release the album. They are still part of the 4AD family, of course, but Deal just felt that the time was right for the band to put this material out themselves. They plan to hand-screen the artwork and press 1000 copies of the EP on 12-inch vinyl. The album will include guest vocals from Mark Lanegan on a track called "The Last Time," and the Breeders will try their hand at "Chances Are." That’s right, they’re covering a Bob Marley song.


    And just when you thought the news couldn’t get any cooler, the group just recorded a video for the title track which features St. Louis roller derby team Arch Rival Roller Girls. Sounds like the sort of thing you can watch on repeat for half a decade, while we wait for the next Breeders full length.