Track Review: Brazilian Girls “Crosseyed and Painless” (Talking Heads cover)

    OK, for a second there I thought Brazilian Girls were gonna strip away all of the loose abandon of the original Talking Heads track, but after four lines the drummer kicks out the techno presets. Brazilian Girls’ trick out “Crosseyed” with a more emphatic disco pulse than the Heads’ skittery Afro-punk, but you can’t say this track doesn’t move. You could say it sounds a bit flat, probably ‘cuz of BG’s distillation of the orignal noodling fodder into riffage. Bolder, still, is singer Sabina Sciubba’s up-front vocal mix, if only that it gives Heads-heads, excuse me, a reason to pick apart her translation of David Byrne’s lyrics. She gets the important part right, as per the song’s hushed highlight: “Facts are simple, facts are straight/ facts are lazy, facts are late.” Brazilian Girls’ version suffers maybe because they stick too much to the facts, but it’s an admirable facsimile nonetheless.
    This track was first on last year’s Red Hot and Latin Redux, but check it out today on the band’s remix EP More Than Pussy. Stereogum’s got the link.
    Brazilian Girls’ website