Brandon Flowers opens mouth, hilarity ensues

    Via: NME
    Killers frontman Brandon Flowers should really consider just shutting up from now on unless he’s singing. Last week, we told you about the “advice” Flowers was trying to give to Thom Yorke and now, in a recent interview with GQ, Flowers explains how his band’s name might be literal in his case. Apparently, Flowers ran someone over one time in his car.
    “I hit him pretty fast, I was going about 50, he was drunk, he just walked into my lane on the freeway”¦I was honking and hitting the breaks but I couldn’t stop in time. I hit him,” he added”¦It was terrible. Pretty traumatic. He hit my windshield, smashed it up… His shoes fell off. Their shoes fall off, did you know that?”
    So, you hit somone with your car, and it was traumatic for you?
    Sadly, Flowers never found out what happened to the man in question, because police didn’t tell him. You can expect every drunk who’s ever been hit by a car to be sticking their hand out now though. Way to go Brandon!
    If these ridiculous and fairly insensitive comments weren’t enough, Flowers also had the following to say about being religious while in a rock band:
    “I think Bob Dylan said you can’t be a Mormon and be cool, but I don’t know. I feel pretty cool sometimes.”
    I think I might just have to start a weekly feature that rounds up all of Brandon’s quotes. Dude’s the Holy Grail of stupidity at this point.
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