Bragi Dash Pro Takes Wireless Headphones to the Next Level

    The Bragi Dash Pro and Bargi Dash Pro by Starkey offer new innovations in earbud technology.

    Photo by The Waving Cat

    The German startup Bragi—who have managed to raise over 3 Million dollars since the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign in 2014—are releasing new wireless headphones.

    This new development comes in two versions: the Dash Pro and the Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey. They take wireless headphone technology a few steps further than their previous models, as well as what competitors like Apple are currently offering.

    Apple will no doubt remain a daunting if not tough competitor. According to a study by Slice Intelligence, sales for the awkward looking Apple AirPod took off last December after their official release, making up 75% of online headphone sales.

    Much like the Apple AirPods, The Dash Pro uses Bluetooth technology with passive voice isolation and claims to have over 20 hours of battery life with 5 hours of play time per charge.

    Then come the differences. These new Bragi devices come with the Bragi OS and Bragi AI. According to their official website, “your body becomes the interface.” The Bragi OS has a ‘4D menu’ that allows you to control certain programs with specific movements and gestures, freeing up the user’s hands. Watching promo videos for the gesture technology almost feels like watching an episode of Black Mirror.

    The headphones themselves come with an embedded 4GB (or 1000 songs) of storage space, so you don’t need your phone anchoring you down.

    The Bragi Dash Pro can also act as a personal health care device more intimately than its competitors. Bragi AI tracks your health, including heart rate, calories and even the lengths of your breaths.

    Potentially, a user could track their exercise routine statistics while taking calls and changing playlists, all without having to operate a device without their hands.

    One of the most impressive features of the Bragi Dash Pro is real-time language translation. There are two ways to use this feature:

    Using the iTranslate app, a user can hold up their phone to the person speaking a different language, hear the translation in their earbuds, then respond. The response is then translated through the microphone and sent through the speakers.

    The second option requires that both parties use the Bragi Dash Pro, and eliminates the need to use your phone as a translating interface.

    The Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey offers additional features, including earbuds tailored to the listener’s ears.

    The standard Bragi Dash Pro will run $329 while the personalized Starkey version will cost $499.