Bradford Cox Explains Minneapolis “My Sharona” Incident

    By now you’ve probably heard about Bradford Cox’s Atlas Sound show in Minneapolis last week, and how after a request for a “My Sharona” cover, Cox had the band play the song for an hour, brought out the openers to help him with it, and generally seemed as though he was causing art-school mayhem.

    The Deerhunter frontman called up Pitchfork today to give his side of the story, insisting that he behaved well toward the rest of the crowd (“First of all, I never would ask anyone to throw chairs. They lifted the chairs safely above their heads, then they put the chairs down neatly where they were”), did not call himself a “performance artist,” and that he was not acting psychotic (“If it’s frightening to people, then those people seriously need to look at the mediocrity they subscribe to.”).

    There’s some other choice quotes that crop up in the article, including one that you’re for sure going to hear referenced for at least the next three months: “As a homosexual, my job is simply to sodomize mediocrity.” I guess because playing a show without an hour long, motorik version of “My Sharona” is just simply mediocre. Read the whole thing here. [Pitchfork]