Bradford Cox accidentally unleashes rare Deerhunter and Atlas Sound material

    Bradford Cox is a believer in the power of blogs. But it seems his patience was tested this weekend when he accidentally linked to some unmastered Deerhunter and Atlas Sound tracks. Cox’s postings over at are always entertaining, and offer fans a rare chance to hear demos, unreleased songs, and many Atlas Sound tracks. He may elicit equal amounts of anger and joy, but Cox is certainly one of the most generous artists in indie-rock.

    On Saturday Cox offered a new Atlas Sound virtual 7”, not realizing that the MediaFire account he linked to held a copy of the bonus tracks (titled Weird Era Cont.) due to be packaged with the Forthcoming Deerhunter album, Microcastle. Also included in the link were some umastered demos for the new Atlas Sound album, Logos.

    The prolific Cox has hit back in an unusual manner—by simply saying that Logos is “not finished now and it never will be,” then adding: “I can just make another album.” He’s also put up a Paypal link for downloaders to donate to the recording costs of the album ( Comments on the blog have now been disabled and Cox has, perhaps wisely, taken down many of the posts in which he lashed out at people. Let’s hope it doesn’t deter him from providing more exclusive downloads in the future. [Stereogum]