BPI Survey May Result In Bad News For Legal Download Services

    The British Phonographic Industry, the British equivalent of the RIAA, recently released a survey of individuals aged 16 to 54 that reported on their downloading habits. The results were unsurprising from a group that represents the British arm of all four major labels.


    Reportedly one in three individuals illegally downloads music and many of them plan on ramping up their illegal downloading activity over the next six months. A report from Hypebot suggests that this report may negatively impact legal downloading services like Spotify.


    Problematically, the survey only had 3,000 respondents, hardly an accurate cross-section in a country of over 60 million. Equally troubling is the lack of information regarding the methodology of the survey, as the original BBC report lacks where and how this information was collected.


    While the results of the survey may be accurate, at most they call for further study, rather than using it to shelve legal downloading services, as other reports seem to suggest. [Hypebot]