BP Protest Video “Top Kill”


    Remember the Exxon Valdez spill and how everyone was down to boycott? Maybe not in the public sense of marching in front of company HQ or local stations, but in the social sense of, “No way am I pumping there!” Of course, life continued and everyone pumped at Shell or somewhere else–irony be damned. But I remember those Exxon pumps being pretty vacant.


    Seems some folks took notice of the relative normalcy at the BP station on Houston and Lafayette. On Friday a group of musicians and filmmakers organized a protest at said station. They also produced the above video. The band Electric Black helped organize the project and their vaguely Waits-ish song “Top Kill” is the music heard in the video. Here’s some more info from their press release:


    “We organized this protest with the intention of creating a multimedia performance piece aimed to fan the fires of outrage against BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton, and so spread consciousness about this abomination,” says organizer and lead singer of Electric Black Johnny B…


    “…Though the feeling amongst most people seems to be of a helpless paralysis, such attitudes are counterproductive in the effort to punish the companies responsible, and attempt to prevent future acts of catastrophic negligence”


    Hm, not sure if “punish” would be my preferred tact. But if by “prevent future acts of catastrophic negligence” they mean contacing your local pol(s) to make sure he/she/they think twice about deregulation and offshore drilling, then I can get with that.


    For more info, hit up www.bpyourheartisblack.com