‘Boy Meets World’ Spin-Off Gets A Few More Details, But Ben Savage Remains Unattached To the Project (Video)

    Beloved 90s sitcom Boy Meets World first aired waaaay back in 1993, lasting 7 seasons before its final episode in 2000 (the one where they all moved to New York to pursue their dream jobs, of course). If you’re nearing 30, there’s a good chance you watched this show religiously as part of ABC’s “TGIF” lineup. Maybe you saw your own life mirrored in the awkward situational humor of the show’s main characters. Perhaps each year they experienced a new milestone you found yourself having the same quasi epiphanies and sprawling internal dialogues. Naturally, when a show like this affects your life in some absurdly basic way, it’s difficult to see it end. But it does, and we move on. That is, until the inevitable spin-off series debuts.

    Earlier this month, TVLine reported the show was being resurrected as a new series (tentatively titled Girl Meets World) that would center on Cory and Topanga’s preteen daughter, Riley. According to EW, Disney has issued a few more particulars, including descriptions for Riley, her best friend (“dark and edgy” Maya), and the two adult leads–word is Cory will be working as a history teacher at Maya’s middle school.

    Danielle Fishel may have posted a coy message to her Twitter account, hinting at a Cory/Topanga reunion, but Ben Savage has been far more discreet. TMZ tried (and failed) to harass the actor into revealing his involvement with the show; as you can see, from the video below, Savage reveals nothing (though to his credit, he displays Cory Matthews-worthy levels of restraint while being chased across the street).