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Both Trujillo and Newsted to Play Bass for Metallica at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony

Yesterday, reports surfaced via Billboard that not only would Jason Newsted be playing with his old bandmates Metallica at their April 4 Hall of Fame induction (which was reported a while ago), but that current bassist, Robert Trujillo, would not be performing with the band at all. It turns out Metallica has plans to play with both bassists at the ceremony, and might even have both of them onstage at the same time, which would be an enormous step for the mostly anti-bass band, who put the volumes for Newsted's bass so low on their early albums with him, you could barely hear it. The ceremony goes down in Cleveland this weekend. [ Billboard ]

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R.I.P. Cliff

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would be kewl to have a little thing on cliff burton before they played on april 4th at the hall of fame induction


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