Boris Releasing Two Albums At Once This Spring

    Good news for those hoping to get a healthy dose of fuzzy, doomy, Japanese psych-metal this spring: Boris have announced plans to release two full-length albums on April 26. While both albums are being released on Sargent House, there are significant differences between the two albums. Heavy Rocks (not to be confused with their 2002 of the same name, but will be anyway) finds the trio attempting to “redefine ‘heavy’ music,” while Attention Please is the first Boris album where guitarist Wata sings lead on every track. That’s the Attention Please artwork attatched to the post. As for the Heavy Rocks artwork, it’s the same as the old one, except purple. Check the tracklists for both albums below.


    Heavy Rocks tracklist:

    01 Riot Sugar
    02 8
    04 Jackson Head
    05 Missing Pieces
    06 Key
    07 Window Shopping
    08 Tu, la la
    09 Aileron
    10 Czechoslovakia


    Attention Please tracklist:

    01 Attention Please
    02 Hope
    03 Party Boy
    04 See You Next Week
    05 Tokyo Wonder Land
    06 16:47:52…
    07 Aileron
    08 Les Paul Custom ’86
    09 Spoon
    10 Hand in Hand