Boris Records EP With Ian Astbury

    Japanese metal shapeshifters Boris have always been willing to try the unexpected, and their latest move is no exception. Last week, a photograph of the band standing around with an unnamed man made its way around the internet, with the message “The BXI EP is confirmed. Details to be announced shortly,” the only information attached. A lot of people pointed out that the guy looked like Ian Astbury, the powerful vocalist of the Cult and currently of the Doors. Well, they were right.


    Southern Lord will be releasing the four song BXI EP this September. Astbury sings on three out of four tracks, the fourth track being a cover of the Cult’s “Rain” sung by Boris guitarist Wata.


    Pitchfork posted a brief interview with drummer/vocalist Atsuo that explains how this whole thing came together, which you can check out here.