Bono Fires Julie Taymor From Spider-Man Musical

    Another week, another news story about the doomed Spider-Man musical: Bono and the Edge recently came back from a tour of South Africa, and set about trying to change up some things with their Spider-Man musical. When they talked to Julie Taymor about some of their ideas, she ignored them. So they did what they had to: They fired her, and the official premiere has been pushed back yet again. 


    Here’s what a source told CBS:


    “She’s an artist, and she’s proprietary and territorial. She was standing in the way of fixing it,” a source said. “Bono will do some more work on the show. He really feels it can be a masterpiece, as opposed to a survivability test for young actors. Bono and Edge will make it more of a Broadway musical.” “Taymor didn’t want to make changes. Her attitude was ‘take it or leave it’” another insider said. “When she lost the trust of Bono, that was it.”

    So let’s see if this the change the musical needed. But I’m betting you can’t turn a $65 million train around. [DS]