Bono Big-ups Girls Aloud, Compares Them to U2, Kings of Leon, Coldplay

    Some of you will probably credit this remark to Bono’s "tendencies" the ones that made this photo possible, but the U2 frontman recently said of English girl-group Girls Aloud, that "[they] are at the cutting-edge of pop music. They are a great band and deserve to be center stage."


    Bono continued, "We see ourselves as contemporaries of bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Interpol and even Girls Aloud." That probably sounds pretty ridiculous to some of you, but considering that I know two Girls Aloud songs; the one that they performed at the Brits and the one in Love Actually, and I can still remember what they sounded like five minutes after the first listen, I’ll say they’re doing better than Kings of Leon at least.