Bonnie “Prince” Billy Covers R. Kelly—again

    Last week we covered the rising trend of indie bands covering pop songs semi-ironically. This weekend we had a prime example on display at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Bonnie "Prince" Billy (a.k.a Will Oldham), the indie rock icon best known for his lo-fi folk rock stylings, covered the song "World’s Greatest" by R. Kelly, the R & B icon best known for his Trapped In the Closet saga and unseemly habits with minors.


    In November Oldham released a covers album Ask Forgiveness, which featured "World’s Greatest" along with covers of Bjork and Danzig. This is the first time we’ve gotten confirmation that "World’s Greatest" has been a part of Bonnie "Prince"’s live set. Will this become standard at future concerts?  Oldham has no tour plans after Tuesday’s show in Copenhagen, so we’ll have to wait and see.