Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Working On New Volcano Choir Album, Alicia Keys Collaboration

    Justin Vernon sure is keeping busy these days, according to his interview yesterday with USA Today. But the thing is, he’s not going to be doing as much with his main gig, Bon Iver. He said that a follow-up to last year’s self-titled album won’t be here for at least three years. Sigh.

    But then, Vernon rattled off a list of new projects he’s working on, including a second Volcano Choir album, collaborations with Alicia Keys, and a new side-project called the Shouting Matches. As for that new group, he said we can expect a sound that’s similar to a “gospel-blues band,” which makes sense. I think. 

    As if this all wasn’t enough, Vernon also wants to make “an American songbook of the greatest women singers” like Casey [Dienel] from White Hinterland, Bonnie Raitt, [and] Alicia [Keys].” He’d like to do a charity album with them, too, so he has “an excuse to work with a bunch of people that I’d choose to work with, all at once.”

    Sounds good to us, Justin, even if it means no new Bon Iver for a long-ass time. At least they’re playing Saturday Night Live this weekend. [P4K]