Bon Iver To Appear On Nine Tracks Of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Those worried that “Monster” and “Lost in the World” would be the only Justin Vernon-ized songs on Kanye West’s forthcoming album, fear not! Last night after a screening of West’s 40-minute mini-film Runaway set to accompany the album’s release, a Q&A with the rapper himself revealed Vernon’s collaborations would appear on seven other tracks that made the album’s final cut.


    Will he rap? Will he become West’s new go-to pop vocalist, perhaps leaving John Legend in the dirt? None of this is clear, but here are some other points of interest from the Kanye Q&A the Hip Hop Chronicle UK is reporting:

    • West wants to perform outside the pyramids, but they are unavailable until April.
    • West says, “Hip hop is like black semen.” (Seriously!)
    • G.O.O.D. Fridays is, apparently, just an exercise in the power of art.


    Rumor we’re starting right now: Vernon is currently on tour with his R&B side-project, GAYNGS. But, after that, is a Kanye West/Bon Iver Grammy performance on the horizon?


    [Twenty-Four Bit]