Bon Iver Readies Album as The Volcano Choir with Collection of Colonies of Bees

    Bon Iver, aka Justin Vernon, has been crazy busy recently. He performed as a part of the Dark Was the Night performance at Radio City Music Hall, he’s getting ready to tour with Indigo Girls, and he recently did a blistering set with his high school’s jazz band. But the most tantalizing tidbit from Vernon’s recent interview with Pitchfork is that he has an album in the can as the Volcano Choir with Milwaukee’s Collections of Colonies of Bees.

    I have a new project called the Volcano Choir with my favorite band, Collections of Colonies of Bees– if the world was perfect, they would be as big as U2. It’s this really liberating thing– like I’m in a new band. We started collaborating three years ago and just this year we started to realize we had nine or 10 tracks almost done. So we got together up at my studio and finished it. I sing on it, but there aren’t a lot of lyrics. It’s mostly choir stuff.

    It’s definitely more on the experimental side of things. I don’t know if we’ll play shows because it’s all really textural and landscape-y, but I think it’s coming out in September.

    The Volcano Choir LP (due out in September!) will be the first new material from Vernon since Bon Iver’s solid Blood Bank EP. Vernon also said he’s in the writing process for the new BonIver album, but isn’t very far along. For the full interview, go to Pitchfork.


    Photo Credit: Noahm Photography/