Bon Iver, Chromeo Shilling For Whiskey

    We’re a long way from the kneejerk impulse to cry “sell out!” at indie rock musicians who actively mingle with corporations. We know, now, that musicians have to eat, although one can’t imagine Justin Vernon–who will be providing his likeness, along with “custom pieces of music and art,” to a Bushmills Irish Whiskey campaign–is particularly hungry these days, seeing as how his band’s most recent album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts.

    There are worse things to support out there than fine whiskey, though, and at least this ad campaign has a good message: It’s all about the relationships between artists, which is why his brother Nate and friend Kyle Frenette will be featured, too. The campaign also includes Elijah Wood, Chromeo, and Theophilus London, so Vernon’s not the only mainstream-celebrity-with-alternative-edge getting on board with all this.