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Bol ( agrees to video interview, dodges more questions than the White House press secretary

(The Parker Report)
I now know how Dorothy felt when she found out who the Wizard of Oz really was.
For some strange reason, this interview reminded me of those Jerry Springer episodes where they patched in a video feed of the guy who was too fat to get out of his bed while Springer hit him with the most inane questions known to man. It is essentially five minutes of awkwardly scripted questions and equally awkward responses from someone who just realized they are now accountable for what they say. If I had never read Bol's site before, I'd be convinced he didn't have an opinion on anything. Granted, I understand that 90% of what Bol says is done to elicit a reaction, but he backed down from all of those questions like when Michael Jackson is asked about his sexual encounters.
To be fair, the questions from Erik Parker were beyond ridiculous. It's like a Bill O'Reilly interview with a fellow neo-con where he tries to make it look like he's asking the tough questions, but asks nothing more than senseless fluff. Last time I checked "Alfonso Ribero...from SILVER SPOONS!? COME ON!" was not a legitimate interview question.
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Never been a big fan of Bol, good dam he is an internet geek he is, sitting at his computer all day getting fat and thinking of sarcastic shit to say. If I ever get like that I give Dave permission to kill me. Secondly he really points out the negative side of the internet it gives everyone a voice and un-fettered access. I feel if you talk **** then you should back it up instead of hiding behind fast food wrappers and a computer screen.


I didn't know Bol was that fat. I thought he looked like how he does in his small XXL profile pic.You are completely right about him being extrememly unopinionated in the interview. I dont know if he is shy or something in front of the camera. Its pretty disappointing. Oh well, his site is still good.


You guys are really anti-fat people. That's not nice.

Dave Park

i honestly wouldn't have said a word about it if that springer reference didnt pop in my head. but seriously, that's exactly how it looked when springer interviewed hambone or whatever his name was.

Adrian Covert

Not so much anti fat, but lazy slob like looking internet geeks, who front like they are the baddest bitches in the world and fail to carry their personality from the computer screen to the TV screen.


I refuse to believe that the guy in this video was Bol


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