Bobby Womack to Record With Gorillaz

    You know what oddly sounds maybe potentially awesome? Bobby Womack collaborating with the Gorillaz. The soul legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was recently extended an invite — which he accepted — to contribute to the Gorillaz’ third album. In the funniest interview I’ve read in a while, Womack discussed feeling out of the loop and mistaking the Gorillaz for a bunch of talented apes:


    “In the days when I would get loaded, I would have thought this was great,” said Womack about the Gorillaz’ music in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Now that I’m straight, I think I’m too square to know where they’re at. I kept listening and thought, ‘Damn, why do they want me?’ It’s all new to me. The only thing that convinced me was my daughter said, ‘Dad, you got to do this. They’re awesome.’ I thought she was talking about a real gorilla. I said, ‘I worked with a lot of people, but I never worked with a gorilla.'”

    It’s unclear how many tracks Womack may sing on, but he’ll likely be in the studio soon, as the album is currently being recorded. Although he may have felt uncomfortable initially with the prospect of working with a younger outfit, he now seems to be at peace with both the band and the decision:


    “I called them back and said, ‘I want to be a help and bring something to the table. I gotta be honest though, I don’t know why you want me.’ They said, ‘It’s about a plastic ocean. Just imagine yourself in a plastic ocean. Just get on there. Do what you wanna do. It’ll work out.’ It should be interesting.” [Rolling Stone]