Bobby Brown unsurprisingly crazy in new biography

    This week saw the release of a biography of Bobby Brown, titled Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But…, that details Brown’s marriage with Whitney Houston, his proclivities for drugs and crime, and finds Brown comparing himself to Tony Montana (Brown says they both had a huge desk).


    The book started out as an “official” biography with Brown’s full commitment, but then became “unofficial” when the writer and the publisher pushed ahead on the book after Brown started dragging his feet on the project.


    There are some colorful Brown quotes in the book, and here is a little sampling:


    "I mean, I’m guilty of getting upset and flying off the handle a little," Brown said of the domestic strife. "I was known to throw a bottle or two at a wall or something. Things that I’d regret, I would be responsible for cleaning up or having the wall repaired. What people fail to realize is that Whitney is no punk. She definitely knows how to handle and defend herself in situations that could have potentially been violent. Some of the stories in the media made me out to be like Ike Turner, when that wasn’t my character."


    "I’ve always been known to be a pretty good lover," Brown said. "The word on the street is that I’m well-endowed."


    But don’t forget nuts Bobby.


    MTV has the full story of the book up at their site now.