Bob Nastanovich Talks About Pavement’s Future Plans

    Is there a future for Pavement? That’s the question a lot of fans of the band have been asking since they reconvened for a successful reunion tour last year, and now percussionist/singer/odd job guy Bob Nastanovich has been speaking about the possibility of any further plans for the ‘90s icons.

    “I hated to see it end and I hope that there will be an occasion in the next few years when we would do something again,” he said in an interview for “I don’t know if we’d want to dedicate a whole year to it again, but I think it would be cool to assemble something at some point.”


    The sticking point seems likely to be Steve Malkmus, who Nastanovich thinks has “left that [Pavement] era behind him and then decided in 2010 that he would put himself back in that mindset or seven or eight months. As far as I could tell, he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Maybe he’d be willing to do it again.” That’s a big maybe, but at least this interview opens a small crack in the door to the possibility of another burst of life from the band.