B.o.B Named MTV’s 9th Hottest MC In The Game, Bruno Mars Probably Considered As Well

    In case you didn’t know*, MTV is doing its annual countdown of the “Hottest MCs in the Game,” where the network gathers a panel of MTV hip-hop contributors and asks them which rapper is “hot.” The 10th MC on the list was Ludacris–BALLOONS!–and that is hilarious, because dude hasn’t been a major rapper since Crash instilled in him the idea that playing a tertiary character in a movie that has been inexplicably loved by a lot of bad people is better than making third-rate rap music that is loved by a lot of bad people. But that’s okay. Dude did write “Saturday (Ooooh Ooooh!)” and that song is totally boss. 


    Number nine was named earlier this morning, and it’s none other than B.o.B, cut buddy to Bruno Mars and maker of rap that is easily digestible for people who love Paramore, Alternative Press, and songs that ruin Vampire Weekend. It’s undebatable that B.o.B has had a monster year–millions of singles sold, etc.–but I have a feeling he’s only on this list because the kids surfing MTV for 3Oh!3 videos will be aware of B.o.B more than they would be Yelawolf or Young Jeezy. It’s also worth noting that MTV’s people are bigger fans of his mixtape work than anything else, since those get more mention than his totally ugh singles “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You.” Just like everyone else who actually likes rap.


    I guess we’ll know what direction the list will be going when number eight is announced tomorrow, but expect Eminem and Drake to probably place 1 and 2 (in what order is debatable) since commercial prospects are going to be considered way, way above any actual skills. Just like every other list on MTV, ever.      




    *- I should note that I sort of hope you don’t, as I hope you’re filling your days with good times with your loved ones, good meals and good friends instead of debating the merits of a list on MTV. Because there is something inherently sad in debating a list of hot rappers in your sweatpants, like I currently am, especially since this list has no real connection to “hot,” “MCs” or “the game.” If it did, B.o.B would not even be on the list. There, I said it.