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Bob Mould, Flaming Lips Performing Full Albums At Noise Pop 20

The 20th anniversary of the Noise Pop music festival will now feature Bob Mould and The Flaming Lips, with each artist respectively performing one of their seminal albums. Mould, of Husker Du notoriety, will play Copper Blue, the 1992 debut from post-Husker project Sugar, in full, while The Flaming Lips will play 1999's The Soft Bulletin.  It's worth pointing out that the Sugar record has never been performed from beginning to end before, so if you're going to Noise Pop, you'd probably do right by checking for it. Mould and The Flaming Lips will be joined by Sleigh Bells, Grimes and Prefix Artist to Watch Fidlar at the fest, which goes from Feb. 21-26 in San Francisco.

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Bob Mould
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