Bob Dylan’s Paintings Are Probably Rip-Offs

    Earlier this month, an exhibit of Bob Dylan’s paintings opened at the Gagosian Gallery in Manhattan. The collection, “The Asia Series,” features paintings done by Dylan that were inspired by his travels “in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea,” with paintings depicting “people, street scenes, architecture and landscape.”

    But it turns out that the paintings are being outed as paintings of semi-famous photographs from National Geographic and other sources. Dylan’s been dogged by plagiarism for a variety of things since the beginning of his career, and this is just the latest. But it’s still pretty brazen, and you can see tons of breakdowns of the paintings at this Bob Dylan forum. Gagosian acknowledged that some of the paintings are of photographs, but they’re still saying that Dylan drew on his inspiration to paint the paintings. Even if said paintings just copy the composition of a photograph. [NY Times via Daily Swarm]