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Bob Dylan, Will.I.Am to aid Pepsi Obamafication for Super Bowl ad

Some would say that Bob Dylan selling his songs for commericals is the definitive case of Baby Boomer hypocrisy in post-Reagan age, but that sort of thing has become a lot more old hat now. Dylan's been selling his songs to ads for 10 years; in fact, it's arguable he's been less likely to license his song for a movie or TV show than for an ad—the producers struggled intensely just got coup "You Gotta Serve Somebody," hardly Dylan's best track.


But combining one of Dylan's sweetest, most endearing songs with Pepsi's increasingly annoying ad campaign obvious attempting to milk the Obama youth for all it's worth? That's self-whoring change we can believe in. Yes, a Pepsi Super Bowl ad will feature "Forever Young" intrerspersed with footage of Will.I.Am (as if the theme of Obama opportunism wasn't strong enough). Prefix would like to remind all those who see this ad that Dylan wrote this song for HIS FREAKING KIDS back on 1974's Planet Waves. And at this point, I'm all but certain I cannot look at Will.I.Am anymore without thinking he's a hologram.


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Bob Dylan

Fine with me. Go Bob. Sell whatever you want - they're your songs.


Excuse me, but was that article intended to be in English?


and I'm sure his kids will benefit from it.


I like the commercial. It's better than farting horse beer commercials that you no doubt would prefer. I'd choose optimism over cynicism any day.


I think at least one of his kids doesn't really need the money, what with a top 25 album last year and all.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

I actually love this Pepsi ad campaign. But I guess my kitsch buttons are easily pressed.
Given the current intellectual property rights mess for musical artists, I am glad Dylan and others can find ways to be compensated, so they can continue to subsidize our demand for free or near-free content.


I can't believe that Bob Dylan has sold himself out to Pepsi. What's the matter Bob? Short on funds? I liked you better when you were a rolling stone. How does it feel?


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