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Bob Dylan Will Produce Two Volumes Of 'Chronicles' In Six-Book Deal

Anyone anticipating the second two volumes of Bob Dylan’s proposed three-part memoir Chronicles may be in luck soon. Rolling Stone is reporting that the singer has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to produce six books, including two volumes of Chronicles and a tome of dialogue from his excellent Theme Time Radio Hour shows.

Apparently Dylan’s literary agent, Andrew Wylie, was seeking an eight-figure deal (!) for the books, according to this report in Crain’s New York Business, although the final amount agreed remains unknown. Despite this lack of information, it’s safe to say that this deal is going to swell Dylan’s bank account considerably. 

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Bob Dylan

How much $ does one man need for his life? With mediocre concerts (despite what the denialists and absolute true believers say), Amaturish art (sold at crazy prices), Car commercials...etc.
He's a major talent..a phenomenon and all, and, I'm a huge fan, but come on now.

Lenny Silverman

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