Bob Dylan to Release New Album in August

    All this talk the past few years about which singer/songwriter is the next Bob Dylan seems mighty ridiculous when you consider that the real-deal Bob Dylan is still alive and kicking, and even putting out the occasional album! Well, the musical gods have smiled down upon us once again, as Bob Dylan is set to release his first new album in five years, Modern Times, on August 28.


    According to reports, a small number of hand-picked journalists were given the opportunity to listen to the album last week, provided they sign legal agreements not to discuss what the album sounds like. Sadly, we here at Prefix were not invited, so were as much in the dark as you are at this point. Or, maybe were just following the terms of the agreement we signedwell never tell.


    What we will tell you, is that Mr. Dylan has a couple of UK dates coming up at the end of the month. Dont hold your breath waiting for any of the new material to be played however:


    06-27 Cardiff, Wales Cardiff International Arena

    06-28 Bournemouth, England Bournemouth International Centre

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