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Bob Dylan To Perform With Mumford & Sons At The Grammys


Bob Dylan is set to appear at the Grammys this Sunday (Feb. 13), where he will perform with Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers. Yes, the inexplicable rise of Mumford & Sons just got a little weirder, although Dylan’s erratic presence on stage may put a dent in their ultra sanitized take on folk and country music.


“I don’t think either of these bands would be on a stage if it wasn’t for the music of Bob Dylan,” said producer Ken Ehrlich in an interview with the New York Times. “I think for the harmonies alone it should be something special. You don’t know what you’ve got, what the blend is, until you see it, but I think it could be fantastic.”


Apparently Dylan will perform a three-song set, although what that will include has not been announced just yet. Expect generous applause to ring out around the world if he ends the set by impaling Marcus Mumford’s head on a spike after ripping out his vocal chords. [via Consequence of Sound]


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Bob Dylan
Mumford & Sons

Prick author. "The inexplicable rise of Mumford and Sons"? And way to finish off your article by hoping that somebody should die. All three of these bands are top-notch. Leave it to hipster scum to bash away at every band possible.

In fact, this announcement made me excited to watch the grammys!


"Expect generous applause to ring out around the world if he ends the set by impaling Marcus Mumford’s head on a spike after ripping out his vocal chords."



Actually super excited for The Grammys now. I'm so happy my douchebaggery isn't blinding, like the article's author.


I like how a simple story about collaboration between two folk artists turns into the author's not-so-subtle way of bashing a band he doesn't like. Top-notch reporting there, Nick.


Seriously, had NO clue the grammy's were even on/never have watched them before in my life. A trio of Mumford, Avett, and Bob? freaking better believe i'll be in front of my tv watching that dutch on sunday!

And just cause you don't appreciate a different style of music Nick, don't bash it. That just makes you look like a judgemental tool, which i'm sure your not.


Author sounds like a douche-nozzle. Mumford and Sons have every right to share a stage with Dylan. Way to be a hipster.


Marcus Mumford is really Soy Bomb.


Hmm... would you rather watch Bruno Mars play instead? Realistically it will end up being an interesting if not enjoyable performance. What's with the hate? Did Marcus Mumford roofie your sister or something?

Jim Kelly

Seriously. Why the hate for Mumford and Sons?

What the what?

Seriously? Your going to bash Mumford & Sons? A band that has seen such "inexplicable" success over the past year? It's going to be tough for this writer to find another band less worthy of this unprofessional article.


This guy is just a pissy little hipster like all the rest. He probably loved Mumford & Sons before they were known in the states. Then they got too many fans and he had to start hating them or lose his dickhead cred.


What a horrible article.

This will be great. Mumford and Sons area great band so inexplicable is not excatly the word I would use.

You sound like a bitter man to me...


Dylans washed up i really hope he doesnt bring his new band with him. The are truely terrible.

The Lost Amigo

please stop dissing the author, he may be a bit graphic but Mumford are total proof of the music industry crumbling like the roman empire. they have no presence, intelligence... they're like a school band that no-one wants to go and see, except when they're suddenly told to by the f***ing media...


I don't think he's necessarily a hipster for bashing Mumford & Sons. They're really bland. I have no idea about the Avett Bros., but Mumford can't hold a candle to Dylan, even in his current, growly incarnation.


Wow, I thought this was just going to be a quick press release, but then -BAM!- it turns into an opinion piece from a guy that nobody has heard of. Bravo! Bravo, I say!


you obviously have zero appreciation for songwriting or music


Mumford & Sons = trash. Just ask Mark E. Smith.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

mumfords and sons are an amazingly great band and i think by the comments you can tell you are pretty alone in your view there


"They're number five in charts! I just thought they were a load of retarded Irish folk singers."

Wow he has now totally changed my mind about mumford and sons. Suck a dick Craig.


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