Bob Dylan Receives Medal Of Freedom From Barack Obama

    Chalk up Bob Dylan as another one of President Barack Obama’s favorite musical artists. Obama said he was a “really big fan” of the singer at the White House last night, during a ceremony in which he bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Dylan and a number of other civilians.

    “By the time he was 23, Bob’s voice, with its weight, its unique, gravelly power was redefining not just what music sounded like, but the message it carried and how it made people feel,” said Obama. “Today, everybody from Bruce Springsteen to U2 owes Bob a debt of gratitude.”

    “I remember in college listening to Bob Dylan and my world opening up because he captured something about this country that was so vital,” Obama continued, before speaking of the other recipients of the award, including the novelist Toni Morrison. “Everybody on this stage has marked my life in profound ways,” he said.