Bob Dylan offers strong praise for Barack Obama

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The Bob Dylan endorsement meant a lot more back in the Sixties, when Dylan told “his friend” John Kennedy on “I Shall Be Free” that what the United States needed for sustained growth was Bridgette Bardot, Anita Ekberg, and Sofia Loren. The fact remains, however, that when Zimmerman speaks, millions of his acolytes listen. Given his recent remarks about newly minted presidential candidate Barack Obama, political pundits might have to factor the ‘aging troubadour’ vector into their election predictions. When asked about his views on the state of American politics, Dylan offered this unusually direct response:

    “Well, you know right now America is in a state of upheaval. Poverty is demoralizing. You can’t expect people to have the virtue of purity when they are poor. But we’ve got this guy out there now who is redefining the nature of politics from the ground up…Barack Obama. He’s redefining what a politician is, so we’ll have to see how things play out. Am I hopeful? Yes, I’m hopeful that things might change. Some things are going to have to. You should always take the best from the past, leave the worst back there and go forward into the future.”

    Obama, who already enjoys the support of many musicians, might consider Dylan’s “The Time’s They Are a-Changin’” to replace U2’s “Beautiful Day” as his theme song. The move might even help him carry Minnesota. [The Daily Swarm]