Bob Dylan persuades Jakob to stop gig during G.O.P. convention

    Bob Dylan has been very forthcoming with his praise for Barack Obama, and now he’s even giving some fatherly political advice to his son Jakob. The younger Dylan’s band, The Wallflowers, was in negotiations to play the nonpartisan AgNite event for the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council on the second night of the Republican convention. Representatives for the band and the event had agreed in principal to a performance fee, but Bob apparently appealed to his son to stop the show. Daryn McBeth, a representative for the agricultural group said that “Bob weighed in” and encouraged the band not to do the show “given the political nature of what’s going on in town that week.” McBeth went on to say that even though the event was open to all political parties, “the deal was dead at that point.” Though AgNite revelers will doubtless miss out on the Wallflowers’ adult contemporary goodness, the elder Dylan’s actions are understandable given his Minnesota heritage. The greatest troubadour in rock and roll can’t have his kid embarrass him on his home turf. [The Daily Swarm]