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Dylan: Still less of a sellout than McCartney

Things I'''ve done today that involve Bob Dylan:
1.) Pretended to like Modern Times.
2.) Rather aggressively not cared about anything he'''s recorded since''this is awkward''1976.
3.) Thought about growing a mustache; caved under the irony.
4.) Watched this new Escalade ad, in which Uncle Bob''toggling between unintentional comedy and death-by-hangover''drives around the desert, freaks out some birds, and brings the phrase ''"senile chic''" to the forefront of fashion minds everywhere.
What does it all mean? Well, among other things, that I'''ve had a pretty bad day.

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Bob Dylan

1976? I'm finished with him after 1966. He is a genius, but everything after '66 is bullshit. Amazing bullshit, but bullshit still. _Blood On The Tracks_ is a kiss-ass to _Blonde On Blonde_. He lost it.


I've got two words for Bob Dylan: Victoria's Secret

Brian from NH

That's a daring take on Blood on the Tracks. Any other classics you want to rag on?

John Zeiss

I'm cold to Blood on the Tracks too. Give me young funny Dylan any day.

Jeff Klingman

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