Bob Dylan Begins Writing Follow-Up To ‘Chronicles Volume 1’

    With yet another critically acclaimed album and yet another Rolling Stone cover to his name, you’d think that Bob Dylan would be resting on his laurels. If you thought this, then you haven’t been following the bard’s career closely.

    Remember his 2004 autobiography Chronicles Volume. 1? Well, it was indeed only the first volume in the rock icon’s seemingly never ending story that’s been shrouded in mystery. Dylan tells Rolling Stone that he’s been working on the follow-up.

    “Let’s hope [it happens],” he tells Rolling Stone’s Mikal Gilmore. “I’m always working on parts of it. But the last Chronicles I did all myself. I’m not even really so sure I had a proper editor for that. I don’t want really to say too much about that. But it’s a lot of work. I don’t mind writing it, but it’s the rereading it and the time it takes to reread it – that for me is difficult.”

    Though plans for the book actually coming to fruition are up in the air at best, Dylan has an idea of what era and topics he’s planning on touching on in this edition.

    “I stumbled into a strategy of going into the future and into the past,” he says. “I was writing about the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album, but I didn’t use that. In Chronicles I used [1989’s] Oh Mercy because it was more interesting to me. I still have the other piece for Freewheelin’ – most of it – and I can definitely make it bigger. That’s one of the aspects of Chronicles Two and Chronicles Three. It would definitely start with records.”