Bob Dylan Announces New Album, ‘Tempest’

    Speculation about Bob Dylan’s 35th album has been building steam over the past few months, but only now, with an official statement on Dylan’s website, have things been confirmed. Titled Tempest, the record will appear on September 11 through Dylan’s longtime partner Columbia Records and is set to feature 10 all-new tracks. Additionally, Jack Frost, who’s produced every Dylan album since 2001’s “Love and Theft” and who’s, well, actually Dylan himself, gets production credits on this one, too. Until we can confirm whether there’s really a 14-minute song about the Titanic on Tempest, check out the track listing below and/or pre-order the album on iTunes.

    1. Duquesne Whistle
    2. Soon After Midnight
    3. Narrow Way
    4. Long and Wasted Years
    5. Pay in Blood
    6. Scarlet Town
    7. Early Roman Kings
    8. Tin Angel
    9. Tempest
    10. Roll on John